Christmas Project: finding the cookie jars

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For my 2010 Christmas Project I have planned on giving each “family unit” within my extended family a clear glass jar of home-made cookies.

I have already started testing various cookie recipes to see which ones will turn out best and will eventually be shortlisted for the selection that will go into each jar.

On Sunday, I went to a local shopping center with my best friend Anna and took the opportunity to start scouting around for the clear glass cookie jars I will need for my project.

I had never had a “closer” look at cookie jars in the past, but now I am more determined than ever to find the perfect “dream jars” at a reasonable enough price.

Within the shopping center, two stores had various kinds of glass jars in stock. To make you better understand the look I’m going for, I would say it’s a style that closely resembles an apothecary glass jar, quite similar to this one:

It is a beautiful jar, but the ones I found were very expensive and way too big. Therefore, I knew I had to find something that was a little on the smaller side, but equally nice to put on display anywhere in the kitchen.

This is the first jar I found:

It’s a classic tilted glass cookie jar, with a large enough mouth to fit a hand in, made of strong, thivk glass with a silver-coloured lid. Overall, a very nice jar, but very much out of my price range at $ 8,90 each (I will put the prices in US $ instead of Euros).

This is jar number 2:

It’s the one I liked the most, as it is the perfect size and looks like an old-fashioned candy jar straight from the 1940’s “Little Women” movie. Remember when the March girls go to the shop to buy their Christmas presents and the owner offers them a candy cane each? Its mouth wasn’t especially wide, but I absolutely adored the glass lid it had: looked so classy and fancy at the same time! But, alas, this jar is still too expensive at $7,90 each!

This is the third, and final, option:

A rather modern-looking, Y-shaped jar, with a very large mouth and silver lid (the one I found doesn’t have any writings on it), and priced at only $ 2,90 each.
I must say it really doesn’t look one bit like the apothecary-style jar I had envisioned, but I am positive that with some fabric and a nice ribbon it’s going to be pretty anyways.

Moreover, I thought that since I know all of the recipients’ kitchen styles, I can still afford to purchase about half of the old-fashioned jars and half of the modern-looking ones, so as to better fit the likes of the people receiving the gift. I think that’s quite a good compromise!

I would gladly welcome any suggestions or ideas for both the right jars and their decorations: feel free to leave a comment!

Coming soon: test batch number two, almond cookies!

Faithfully His,


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